The Big List of Health Affirmations for Specific Illnesses

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We are continuing our affirmation series with another massive list of daily positive affirmations.  Go through this big list of health affirmations for specific illnesses to choose the ones that are personal to you, and recite these daily.  Also, don't forget to share with family members who are going through any of these illnesses.

Affirmations for Anxiety:

  • I trust the flow and process of life.
  • I am safe and secure.
  • I am calm and peaceful.
  • I love myself deeply and unconditionally.
  • I am cool, calm and collected.

Affirmations for Stress:

  • I can handle whatever comes.
  • I can find balance in my life.
  • Stress is leaving my body.
  • I stay calm under pressure.
  • I see stressful situations as challenges.

Affirmations for Allergies:

  • I am not allergic to anything or anyone.
  • I am powerful.
  • The word is safe and friendly.
  • I am at peace with life.

Affirmations for Arthritis:

  • My arthritis is going away each day.
  • I am arthritis free and see my body healing itself.
  • Arthritis doesn't control my life.
  • The paid is going away.

Affirmations for AIDS:

  • I am strong and hopeful.
  • I am accepted.
  • I am part of a Universal plan.
  • I love and appreciate myself.
  • I am capable and healthy.

Affirmations for Back:

  • My needs will always be taken care of.
  • I move forward with love and trust.
  • Life supports and sustains me.

Affirmations for Bladder:

  • I release old ideas that are no longer of use to me.
  • I let go and trust.
  • I welcome the new in my life.

Affirmations for Blood Pressure:

  • I am in control of my blood pressure.
  • My blood pressure is low and sustainable.
  • I now resolve any long standing problems.
  • High blood pressure isn’t an issue for me.

Affirmations for Breasts:

  • I am important and worthwhile.
  • I nourish myself and my needs.
  • I care for myself with love, respect and joy.
  • I take in and give nourishment in perfect balance.

Affirmations for Cancer:

  • I release all anger, sadness, grief and resentment.
  • Cancer can be something I go through, it does not define me, it is but an experience in my life.
  • I lovingly forgive everyone, including myself.
  • Cancer cells are in everyone, my body is no different, it is relearning to identify and remove them.
  • I choose to fill my world with joy and peace.
  • I approve of myself and my decisions.
  • Whatever is in my body is sacred, and I will love it today.

Affirmations for Circulation:

  • I release negative energy.
  • Every breath brings oxygen to every part of my body.
  • I create love and joy wherever I go.
  • My whole body is energized.
  • Healing flows through my body.

Affirmations for Constipation:

  • I release the old.
  • I allow life to flow through me.
  • My digestive muscles are relaxed.
  • I send relaxing energy to my stomach.
  • My bowels function with ease.
  • My bowels are strong and healthy.
  • I digest any food with ease.

Affirmations for Depression:

  • I go beyond my fears and limitations
  • My heart is open to joy and happiness.
  • I give up my anger and hopelessness
  • I create a life I love
  • I enjoy laughter.
  • I allow myself to experience the happiness and joys of life.
  • I really like myself.

Affirmations for Diabetes:

  • I experience the sweetness of life.
  • I choose to remaind healthy for the rest of my life.
  • I let go of sorrow and control.
  • Each day I become healthier and healthier.
  • I have a healthly diet.

Affirmations for Diarrhea:

  • I release all fear and rejection.
  • I let life flow peacefully for me.
  • I take in, assimilate, and eliminate in a perfect process.

Affirmations for Fatigue:

  • I give myself over to life.
  • I am full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • I love what I do.
  • I wake up full of energy and life.
  • I always have energy to do what I love.

Affirmations for Heart Conditions:

  • I am the center of love and joy.
  • My heart beats with love and compassion.
  • I express my love for others.
  • My heart rate is normal.
  • My heart muscle is strong.

Affirmations for Heartburn:

  • I am no longer afraid
  • I breathe fully and freely.
  • I am always safe.
  • I breathe freely and fully.

Affirmations for Insomnia:

  • I lovingly release the day.
  • I fall asleep easily.
  • Tomorrow will take care of itself.
  • I slip into peaceful sleep.
  • I always sleep deeply.
  • I am calmly drifting off to sleep.

Affirmations for Menopause:

  • I look forward to the rest of my life.
  • I am balanced and peaceful.
  • I feel young and full of vitality.

Affirmations for Migraine:

  • I am in charge of me.
  • My brain chemicals maintain a perfect healthy balance.
  • I go with the flow.
  • My blood vessels are flowing.

Affirmations for Osteoporosis:

  • I stand up for myself.
  • Life itself supports me.
  • I am strong and flexible.
  • I take charge of my body.

Affirmations for PMS:

  • All is well in my world.
  • I love the cycles of my life.
  • I love my body and myself.
  • I am grateful for my body’s process
  • My body is at peace.

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