The Big List of Common Stress Symptoms

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Many of us forget about the impact stress can have on our mind and body, but have to constantly remind ourselves of the stress symptoms and pay attention to signs the body gives us.

To get you started on paying attention to your health, we’ve gathered the big list of common stress symptoms shared by The American Institute of Stress (AIS). We advise you to go through it and check off the symptoms of stress you experience on a regular basis.

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The Big List of Common Stress Symptoms

1. Amplified anger, frustration, hostility

2. Augmented frustration, irritability, edginess

3. Baffling or frequent “allergy” attacks

4. Blushing

5. Chest pain

6. Chronic headaches

7. Cold hands or feet

8. Communication problems

9. Confusion

10. Constant low energy

11. Constipation

12. Decrease of increase in appetite

13. Depression

14. Diarrhea

15. Difficulty breathing

16. Difficulty concentrating

17. Disorganization

18. Dry mouth

19. Excess anxiety, worry, guilt, nervousness

20. Excess belching

21. Excessive defensiveness

22. Extreme suspiciousness

23. Feeling overloaded or overwhelmed

24. Feeling worthless

25. Feelings of loneliness

26. Forgetfulness

27. Frequent colds, infections, herpes sores

28. Frequent or wild mood swings

29. Frequent urination

30. Frequent use of over-the-counter drugs

31. Frequently sighing

32. Gritting, grinding teeth

33. Heart palpitations

34. Heartburn

35. Increased number of minor accidents

36. Insomnia, nightmares, disturbing dreams

37. Jaw clenching

38. Lies or excuses to cover up poor work

39. Light headedness, faintness, dizziness

40. Little interest in appearance

41. Muscle weakness or pain

42. Neck ache, back pain or spasms

43. Nervous habits, fidgeting, feet tapping

44. Obsessive or compulsive behavior

45. Overreaction to petty annoyances

46. Panic attacks

47. Poor punctuality

48. Poor sexual desire or performance

49. Poor work efficiency or productivity

50. Problems swallowing

51. Racing thoughts

52. Rapid or mumbled speech

53. Rashes, itching, or hives

54. Regular crying spells

55. Regular nausea

56. Ringing, buzzing or “popping” sounds in the ears

57. Slow at learning new information

58. Social withdrawal and isolation

59. Stomach pain

60. Struggle in making decisions

61. Stuttering, stammering or speech impairment

62. Sweating

63. Sweaty extremities (hands and feet)

64. Tiredness or chronic fatigue

65. Too much gambling

66. Too much sleep

67. Too much smoking, alcohol or drug use

68. Tremors, trembling of lips or hands

69. Unnecessary impulse buying

70. Weight gain or loss without diet

Did we miss any symptoms of stress you experience? Share below.

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